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Welcome to Smartface. This guide explains how to register for the Smartface and how will you start your first project.


First of all, go to Smartface and press "Start Now for Free" or "Develop Apps Now" button.

Now, you can create a new account by filling the form with your email or just sing up using your GitHub, Facebook or Google Accounts.

After that, you will get a confirmation email if you register with an email.


That's it ! Now, you are ready to create your first app project.

Creating First WorkSpace(Project)

You can start your first app project by pressing "New App Project" button.

You can create it by entering the name of your application or you can clone it from GitHub. Also you can change your project status to public or private. 

Private projects are hidden for public. Once you select the private no one can see unless you give them permission. However, public projects are can be seen by anyone. 

You can also change your project status after you have created. Private projects are only works with license owner accounts.

After filling the form you can press "Create" Button. An app project will be generated as seen in the screenshot below; 

On this screen, you can see your project configurations. Press "Open Project" to start developing your first app.

A workspace created after you pressed "Open Project" as below;

Running app on a real device

Now you are ready you develop your first app and ready to see it on a real device using "Run on Device" module.

Please refer to "How to use real devices to test your application" guide for it.