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This guide outlines how to publish your App to the Apple App Store and to the Google Play Store.

Preparing App for Store Submit

First of all, you need to change some settings from project.json which is located under config folder. Such as:

  • Meta information
  • Bundle identifiers
  • Android Keystore file information

To learn more about these settings, please refer to the project.json  and Cloud Build Guides guide.

Now, you are ready to create packages. Press the publish button to start generating packages. 

It will open you a window to select related packages. Select the packages which you want;

After that it will starts to generate packages. ( .apk for Android, .zip project for iOS )

Cloud Build allows you to build iOS IPA files and Android APK files without Xcode and Android Studio.

After it gives the outputs, you can use the .apk file directly to submit to the store; however, for iOS, you need to open the project with xCode first, to submit to the App store.

Submitting to the Android Store

The generated .apk is already signed and it is ready to be submitted to the store.

Please follow the steps in the guide to continue your store submit.

Submitting to the iOS Store

The generated zip archive is ready to be opened as an xCode application. The only thing you need is to sign and upload your application to the Apple store using xCode.

If you generate your .ipa file with Cloud Build, you can go to the  Apple store directly. 

Please follow the steps in this guide for your Apple Store Submit.