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Let’s get to know the building blocks of Smartface.

1. Project Panel

The “Project Panel” has a tree list that contains all of the files and folders of your project as below:

  • assets
  • config files
  • fonts
  • output files
  • plugins
  • scripts

2. Run on Device

"Run on Device" allows you to run your application on your Android or iOS devices without cable.

3. Publish

“Publish” provides you to create .apk files for Android devices, Xcode-ready .zip files for iOS devices.

4. Collaboration

“Collaboration” allows you to work with your colleagues on the same workspace in real time

Additionally, if you give a user RW permission, they can emulate your project using Run on Device and make changes to your workspace.

You can give access to your colleagues to Read/Write(RW) permissions to work together. See example below;


The "Share" button on the top right corner of your workspace allows you to share your workspace, control permissions, and revoke the rights of a user you shared your workspace with.

See example below:

  1. Links to Share.

  2. Shows users who can access the project and what permissions they have.
  3. Invite people by just typing their username.
  4. Choose access level by giving permissions RW (Read and Write) or R (Read only).


“Chat” allows you to communicate with your colleagues in real-time. You can reach the Chat menu by clicking the Collaboration” button.

If you want to talk to a user you shared your workspace with; you just need to type in the chat box. 

See example below:

5. Script Editor

The Script Editor allows you to type code for your application.

For more information, please read the guide about the Script Editor.

6. Terminal Window

As we are using an Ubuntu system in the background, you can use almost any Linux command in the Terminal. 

You can also manage GIT, Mercurial, and SVN repositories via Terminal.