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This guide explains how to use the Script Editor in a project.

What is Script Editor?

The Script Editor is one of the most important components of the Smartface. This is where you write the JavaScript for your app.

You can reach the Script Editor when you open a Script File from scripts folder. 


Auto Complete

Auto Complete helps developers while writing code. It can be run with "Ctrl+Space" shortcut or “.” 

Find & Replace

This component consists of two parts which are find and replace. The former is used to focus the keyword which you want to find in your codes. The part can be reached with "CTRL+F". The latter is replace. It used to replace the keywords with any keyword you want. The part can be reached with "CTRL+H" for Android and "CMD+H" for IOS . Both of these commands open a panel to search for things.

Also, there is the find menu for more operations.

Format Document

This component helps developers to beautify and align their code. It increases the readability of the code blocks. You can reach this functionality via the Edit Menu.

Syntax Check

Script Editor automatically checks your syntax. If you made an error, it displays a warning icon on the line of code, so that you can quickly locate and fix the problem.