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There are some differences between publish and Emulator working processes because of their architectures. We can separate these for iOS and Android Emulator.

iOS Emulator Differences

iOS Emulator is installed on the device just once. So compile time changes (what you have to do in Xcode) can’t be done. These are mostly configuration changes or modifying Xcode bundle items. For Xcode project changes, you should have a Mac. After modifying the Xcode project it will be installed to the device. iOS Emulator Xcode project is under Program Files/Smartface folder.

Edit .plist for Facebook Login

Facebook app details are set in .plist file. This operations will be done with the Xcode project. You should add 3 items to Smartface-Info.plist file.
An URL Scheme Item

Removing do_not_delete file for Facebook Login

For some reasons iOS Emulator deletes all files when you send the app to background. During Facebook login user is navigated to Facebook App / Safari then come back to Emulator. When use is navigated to other app all emulator files are deleted. You should remove "do_not_delete" file manually to disable removing all files.

Removing do_not_delete file when using App to App call

This is the same as 2nd item. If you need to navigate to another app you have to remove do_not_delete file in documents folder.

Adding Fonts to Bundle and .plist

If you want to use a Font with iOS, it should be added to the bundle and plist file. This is a compile time operation. You need to modify the Xcode project. First of all, choose Smartface project on Project navigator and then navigate to "Build Phases" / "Copy Bundle Resources" / 'Add Other" to use chosen fonts.

Then add your fonts to Smartface-Info.plist file.

Launch Image

If you want to change Launch Image, in Xcode project choose Smartface project on Project navigator. In General tab scroll down and press Use Asset Catalog then change Launch Image.


Plugins files need to be compiled with Xcode. Due to your plugin, you should add plugins files, make configuration changes then install the emulator to your device.

Android Emulator Differences

Like iOS Emulator, the compile time modifications are not handled with Android Emulator.

AndroidManifest.xml Changes

If you modify "AndroidManifest.xml" file in your project, changes will not affect the Emulator. You need to decompile "Smartface.apk" file. Change manifest, compile it and sign again.

styles.xml Changes

If you change "styles.xml" in your project, changes will not affect the Emulator. You should manually decompile "Smartface.apk" file. Make your changes, compile it and sign again.

Android Map Key

If you want to use your own key, you should change your manifest file and follow the steps for written above for "AndroidManifest.xml" Changes.

Plugin Usage

Plugins are not added into Emulator package. You should request an Emulator with the plugins you want to use in QA.