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This guide explains how to create Certificates and Provisioning Profiles for iOS.

On a MAC 

1) Open Keychain Access on your Mac and use ‘Certificate Assistant’ for to “Request a Certificate from a Certificate Authority….”

2) Write your information and choose ‘Saved to disk’

3) After that, you will find your created key under Category section and right-click “Export” this key to somewhere at your Mac, for example under Desktop folder. Pay attention to export it with .p12" extension.

4) Now you’re ready to upload this key to Apple Developer site.

At Developer Site

You need to get Apple ID for your development with Push Notification permission.

1) Go to and click on Member Center.


2) Enter your username and password. Click on ‘Certificates, Identifiers & Profiles”

3) Click on ‘Identifiers’ under iOS Apps section

4) Register your iOS App ID by clicking on + button on right side and fill that page.

Attention: Bundle ID is very important also for Push Notifications. Please fill this line with same name as your application. Because Apple will check this Bundle ID before sending you Device Token.

5) At the end of this page, select Push Notification (if you want to use Push Notification service in your app) and continue.


6) It will summarize of your App ID and you can confirm it:

7) Check out your App ID is available with Push Notification option (if you want to use Push Notification service in your app) under ‘App ID’ section with your other apps.


8) After that, you need to add ‘New Provisioning Profile’ for your app. That’s why select your app and ‘Edit’ your App ID.

9) At the end of page, you’ll see your app’s Push Notification section, (if you want to use Push Notification service in your app) you need to click on ‘Create Certificate’ for development.

10) Select your App ID for Push Notification (if you want to use Push Notification service in your app) use and continue.

11) Again continue and you’ll see ‘Generate your certificate’ screen. Here is place to upload your certificate to Apple Developer site, which is mentioned top of article (.p12 file). Click on Generate to continue.

12) When you finish generating, this page will be appear on screen and you can download generated SSL Certificate from Apple Developer site to use it at Xcode for development.

13) You’ll get aps_development.cer file after downloading. You can use it with double-clicking on that file. You’ll see that it is now associated with the private key which is generated by you at Keychain Access.

14) Now turn back to Apple Developer site and select ‘Provisioning Profile’ under iOS Apps section. Add a new profile like below:

15) Select iOS App for Distribution:

16) Select your App ID:


17) Select the certificate to make available it with this provisioning profile.

18) Select your devices:

19) Give the name of this provisioning profile name:

And finally, it’s done!

Just click download button after that and this will download newly created provisioning profile for you. Adding this provisioning profile to Xcode by double-clicking.