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This guide explains about the structure of a workspace.


This folder is used to reach files in it directly. Unlikely the “Resources” and “Images”, this folder can be reached by file operations such as read. Also, Assets folder is available for each kind of device, you don’t need to use separate folders unlike you do in Resources. For more information please read the assets guide.


Config folder is used to configure your application. In terms of ;

  • Android
  • iOS
  • Fonts
  • defaults.xml
  • FontConfig.xml
  • project.json


AndroidManifest.xml : It's an editable ".xml" file which you can change API Keys and Permissions. For more information you can read the Android document.

PackageProfiles.xml :  Customizing Android packages are available with PackageProfiles.xml . You can simply add the line “” to the PackageProfiles.xml in order to use xxxhdpi folder. Reducing APK size is also available in this folder. Just remove some image folders, if you don’t want to give support. Commented lines are required for Android publishing to Google Play. Compatible-screens and supports-screens are the settings about the supported device types.

smfdefault.keystore : It is a keystore file for Android publishes. This file makes your application unique for store. So, all application should have it's own keystore file. You can change keystore config via project.json file. For more information please read the related guide.


You can add your font files which you will use in your app into this folder. For more information, you can read Font guide.


defaults.xml keeps the data of the objects for default constructor.


You can set the fonts which will you use in your app. For more information, you can read Font guide.


All your application settings are done via project.json. Such as ;

  • Plugins
  • Application Informations
  • keystore information
  • Orientation
  • build settings
  • output folder
  • API keys


It includes Info.plist file which is required file for iOS Publish. You can add some new keys when it is required.


All application images should be placed in this folder.

Android images should be located in Images\Android and iOS images should be located in Images\iOS folders.


When you publish your app, Related .apk and iOS .zip files related to your project will be located in folders with timestamp in output folder


All the plugins which you need in your application should be placed under this folder. Also, you need to set active as true in project.json .


Application source codes which are JavaScript files should be placed in that folder.