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This guide explains how to use the SwitchButton object in a project.

What is Activity Indicator ?

The Activity Indicator is a control used to display the progress of a task or process.


var activityIndicator1 = new SMF.UI.ActivityIndicator({
    left: "10%",
	top: "10%",
    style: SMF.UI.ActivityIndicatorStyle.GRAY // sets gray

Display Sizes

Activity Indicator has three types of size and visual. These are; white, gray and white large:

 WhiteGrayWhite Large


Activity Indicator is a spinning wheel that indicates a task in the midst of process. If an action takes a noticeable and indeterminate amount of time to process such as; "a CPU intensive task or connection to a network"— you should display an activity indicator to give assurance to the user that your app is not stalled or frozen.